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Anakin Skyobiliviator
Biographical Information

22 BBY


57 ABY

Physical Description

Human (Anakin Skywalker/Jango Fett mixed genetic clone)




1.84 meters


80 kg


light brown/black



Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Form VII: Vaapad

Chronology & Political Information

Clone ARC trooper unit (before Order 66)


Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era

New Republic Era

New Jedi Order Era

Legacy Era


The Order

Personal Ship:

Claw of Pursuit

Known masters:

Mace Windu


Anakin Skywalker

Jango Fett

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"I will join you in this mission, Delta 38, with your Delta Squad. You will need me to bypass the-."

"That's RC-1138, to you, ARC. 'Delta 38' is ONLY called by my adviser, CC-01/425, not you."

-Anakin and RC-1138 "Boss" arguing about proper terms of address during Anakin's early missions as ARC.

Anakin Skyobiliviator also known as XC-2202, Alpha-22, or A-22 is an experimental Force sensitve clone borned inside a Kamino Cloning facility with a genetic DNA that contain the heredity material of Anakin Skywalker and Jango Fett.


Trained in the lowest level of the clone facility in Kamino and hidden away from watchful eye, Anakin Skyobiliviator is the highly classified "reward" given to Jango Fett in addition of the payment and a son. Hidden among the ARC ranks, even Jango himself do not know what he is dealing with. From Anakin Skywalker, he learns the essential of piloting starfighter in a tight maneuver.

During the Battle of Geonosis and Jango was killed, his training with Durge started. With an education absorbent capability enhanced even compared to his clone brothers, soon, he learn the tricks from the old Gen'Dai. By the time the Separatist leaders requested Durge's presence, the young clone knew how to best the Gen'Dai's infamous speed strikes and evade his weapons.

Realizing the clone is Force sensitive, Mace Windu was brought in to teach the clone Vaapad with the price to shut down five cloning facilities. A year passed with the Jedi Master come and go, the young clone learned the powerful arts of the lightsaber and constructed one for himself. Nonetheless, the primary choice of weapon are dual DC-15s carbine, which he weld like a pistol.


"Remember, you are the cortheia flesh ripper. Powerful enough to slaughter a pod of blood driven aiwhas. You are unique to your brothers, even to the advance. Your designation will be XC-2202. But you will blend in with your brothers with the identity of A-22 or Alpha 22 in our Advanced Recon Clone troopers program."

-Introduction made by Taun We after Anakin was released from clone pods.

Born as XC-2202 or eXperimental Clone 2202 and A-22 or Alpha 22 to be put in the also experimental Alpha-Class ARC trooper. Like the Republic Commandos who was trained on the level above Anakin's, he was taught to fallow a creature's path. While the Republic Commandos was taught the meaning of teamwork by observing aiwhas, Anakin's role model was the cortheia flesh ripper, a rare solitary creature on Kamino who normally devour aiwhas. Opposite to the commandos, Anakin was taught to do things alone with precision and maximum effectiveness.


Anakin Skyobiliviator HUD

Anakin's helmet. Seen through data record.


Anakin's armor was quite one of a kind armor, advance over the most sophisticated armor of the time. The exterior is identical to those of the ARC trooper's armor, along with every of its functions. Beneath the exterior, contain the armors found only in the Clone Commando Katarn-Class Commando armor including bulit-deflector shield and specialized HUD. On the back of the armor is a multi-configuration hardpoint.For special solo missions, the harpoint is loaded up with a turbinepack which allow Anakin to fly at astounding speed through the air and underwater, but sacrifice the ability to hover and stealth. But the turbinepack's downwash cast a horrifying shrieking noise that will send enemies running for cover. At other times, it was fitted normally with an equipment pack. For espionage missions, the hardpoint was loaded with a personal cloaking device.


Anakin's lightsaber is a unique for its kind. Within the hilt contained seven crystal chambers. The surrounding six crystals are crimson and when applied energy, creates a beam that is traveling to a center focal point, very much like a tributary beams in a superlaser. In that center is the central crystal chamber containing a large blue crystal. The output is a powerful violet blade that gave a random energy surges when least expected. Energy surges upon the time the red energy beams come in contact with the blue crystal. These surges can the blade to give off lethal arc of energy. If made contact with an object during the surge, the energy will travel over the distance of seven meters on a conductive surface.

The lightsabers also acts like a Sith red crystal in the way it interacts with hatred and other dark side emotions. If enough hatred is applied per blow, it has a chance of actually "break" other lightsaber blades, or short circuit them.

But the advantages, the lightsaber has the nauseating habit of extreme aftershock after deactivation. Whenever the weapon was shut off, the handle get supercharged for a split second. During the time frame, powerful bolts of electricity flows through the body, stunning any untrained hands.


During the discrete mission with the turbinepack en route to Bespin, Order 66 was executed. As Jedis fell, he felt the disturbance and collapse into a trance-like coma on the nearby balcony, unable to finish the mission. Five days later, he rose to full consciousness and move to complete his mission but was stopped by his brothers, blasters raised. Strongly dislike being pointed in the face with a blaster, he slayed twenty five with the pistol, which hit the clones-now stormtroopers-squarely in the chest. But more gunships arrived and Anakin has no choice but to draw his lightsaber. With the last ground troop killed, he hijacked a gunship and fly to the nearest spaceport. There, he obtained a rusty Coreillian freighter from a weak minded Rodian.