Note: This page is for our banning policy.


We all know that in every wiki, there is a vandal somewhere, and at some time, so do we. Just to give you a forewarning, we will give you our rules, example of violation (if available), and their ban time and alternatives. Note that you WILL get a warning before you get blocked. If you continue, you will get blocked, so just stop.&nbsp



  • Usage of Earthly profanities in the story pages, nor to other users.

Example: F***

Ban Time: 1 Week-1 Month

Alternative: Star Wars Profanities are fine ONLY in stories.

  • Pornographic image uploads

Ban Time: 1 Month-3 Months

  • Blackmailing users or Admins

Example: I got a staff member to back me up! Don't block me!

Ban Time: 2 Months-5 Months

Alternative: Try to talk to them instead.

  • take articles from Wookieepedia or other sources without rewriting or sourcing.

Ban Time: 2 Months-5 Months

Alternatives: Write you own articles.

  • Pedophile

Ban Time: Infinite and report to staff

  • Write about reproduction or action that includes it.

Ban Time: 3 Months-5 Months

  • Adding off-universe contents.

Ban Time: 2 Weeks-1 Month

Alternatives: If you want Star Wars VS Star Trek, make it in your profile.

  • Vandalizing Core Pages

Ban Time: 3 Months-1 Year

Alternative: Don't do it to begin with.

  • Profile vandalism

Ban Time: 2 Weeks-3 Months

  • Plain Vandalism

Ban Time: 1 Week-1 Year

  • Editing other people's character without permission.

Ban Time: 1 Month-3 Months

  • Creating irrelevant pages

Ban Time: 3 Weeks-2 Months

Alternative: Ask the admins before you make any pages.

  • Sock puppet

Ban Time: 1 Month-2 Months, if two profiles, one will be blocked infinitely