As most of us know, in this wiki we do not utilize RPG forums for fan fiction continuity, but rather a story like format where a user contribute to where the other users has left off. To do this in a proper manner, we follow a rule that we need to get accustomed to. This page lists the major rules that are applied to all of our books.


Getting Started

To get started, you need to select a faction and submit the request into the Alliance Request Forum and after approved, send begin making characters for the book. Note that the book will begin at the Old Republic Era, but the current era will be listed on the top of the Main Page. If you have done that already, go to the next step.

Developing Characters

After you created your characters, make the history about it. Make sure it fits with the plot and things fit like a puzzle. An example of non-fitting information are: "The Heavy Troopers of the Old Republic carried DC-15 Blaster Rifle and fight along with their Clone Trooper brothers." This is a very confusing piece as DC-15 Blaster Rifle and Clone Troopers exist during the Clone Wars, not the Old Republic.

Join the Community

To join the community within a book, one must wait patiently for a pause of events, such as the end of a chapter. Please insert the character in the correct timeline. An example of how this is how it should not be done include "Meanwhile in the System of Koros in 24 BBY" when the chapter states it will be going from 46 BBY to 39 BBY. Make sure that it is completely unattended or you will end up with an edit error, or an error that occurred when an editor publishes his work while another user is already editing the page.


We all know some characters are hard to let go, but they, to make it seem realistic, must pass away in period of time; short or long, depend on their lifespan. When the time comes, one of the Administrators will send you a note via talk page that you need to end you character in some way soon. But don't worry, by the time you character dies, you will will have an array of characters to continue the legacy.


The rules for writing a book are applied below:


In the book, the usage of Earthly profanity, even if replaced by asterisk, will result in instant ban if reported. Star Wars profanity is allowed in the book to express emotions. Usage of Star Wars profanity in an attempt to assault another user is restricted and the User will received ONE warning.

Star Wars Languages

If your character or his/her companion speaks in a different language, ether use the < and > or { and } symbols to "translate" what they are saying. Another way is by making the reader inference what the character says. You can only use one of these ways per character. If you are going to use the symbols, remember to put in the quotations before the first symbol and close quotations after the last symbol.

Bad Example:

"{Hi! Welcome to Kashyyyk!>" the Wookiee growled lowly as if in a greeting.

Good Example 1

"{Hi! Welcome to Kashyyyk!}" growled the Wookiee.

Good Example 2

"<Hi! Welcome to Kashyyyk!>" growled the Wookiee.

Good Example 3

The Wookiee growled lowly as if in a greeting.

American English

The book is kept in United States of America (USA) English due to that most of the canon Star Wars source is in this type of English.

Difference include:



This wiki stays in one galaxy, the Star Wars Galaxy itself. Due canon source that the Galaxy have yet to be named, the term "galaxy" must be capitalized. An exception for using it in a noun. For an example would be "In my life on this galaxy, I have never seen anything like this!" and not "In my life on this Galaxy, I have never seen anything like this!"

Related words such as galactic don't have to be capitalized unless the fanon or canon source says so. An example of the capitalization of galactic is "Galactic Senate."

Sector and Systems

The planetary sector and systems do not have to be capitalized unless enforced by a canon or fanon source.