Hetrinar II -class Bomber/Gunship
Production information


Product line:






Technical specifications

20 m


88 m


10.5 meters

Max speed (atmosphere):

250 km/h

Engine unit(s):

MK I Sublight (1)

Hyperdrive rating:



1 x MKI Bomber Shield


10 mm Duranium Carbide Plate Armor

Sensor systems:

DD01 Sensor Relay system


Dual Laser Cannons (2)

Anti-Aircraft Flak Laser (2)

Proton Bomb launcher (1)

5 x 6 proton torpedo launcher array (1)



Minimum crew:





Gunship / Bomber


The Order

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The Hetrinar II -class Bomber is actually a redesign of the famed Scurrg H-6 Havoc. However this is a gunship used by the pirate factions of The Order. However this ship is a danger as its laser chain guns eat and decimate ship armor, with its complement of Proton Bombs makes it even more dangerous. But the most terrifying feature is the five by six downward angled proton launching array that can fire a deadly barrage of up to two-hundred and ten torpedoes.


The Hetrinar II was designed due to the orders henchmen put a disruptor pistol to the head of the designer of the Scurrg H-6. When he complied he made it even better than the previous design. He then set out to sell it off to other factions before he could The Order had him killed, and stole the design and started producing it at Xi Charr Cathedral Factories, and then they added chainguns to it making it even more dangerous. Upon the declaration of the Galactic Empire, the Hetrinar II was exclusively rushed on production to fend off the more powerful Zeta-2 Balista Starfighter owned by Imperialism Monarch Empire, which is taking a full advantage of the highly prized ship that happen to show in their computer systems. For sheer number needed to fight against the Zeta-2, The Order demanded a way to produce the Hetrinar II faster. This crisis was called the "Kriffing Blasters Campaign" or dubbed as KBC. The ships have very few armaments, which shows that the only effective tactic is to fight in a swarm. These crafts are more manuverable than their original counterparts, which lead to more effective fighting style against the Zeta-2.


Some of the Hetrinar II comes in two modification made possible by The Order's technical group.

"Kriffing Blasters Campaign" VariantEdit

These model, unlike the other variants, was produced in sheer numbers. Each craft cost half of those of the original due to cheaper grade material used. The hull and chassis was made by titanium, crew count is two with no passenger room. The weaponry was reduced to dual BlasTech LC-11d blaster cannons and a ion cannon turret. Each ship utilized a slave circuit to stay in cluster group formation, where the starship is most effective in. To pay for weak the weak price, it has an impressive speed due to its massive sublights that took over the passenger cabin of the normal Hetrinar II and the craft is quite maneuverable in the sense of size to maneuverability ratio.

Assult ModificationEdit

This models was exclusively modified to only have four heavy turbolaser as an ordnance. Each turbolaser cause an extreme strain on the reactor which, is common to see an "odd-looking" Hetrinar II drift powerlessly in space upon the moment after a shot. For this reason, the craft is severely limited to small sectors. To keep the pilots alive, the crew wear personal life support.

Base Carrier ModificationEdit

These ships was made into mobile base transports and have a rectangular hole cut out on the underside of the ship and magnetic gripper arms in the hole to secure the mobile base which fit snugly into the hole, ready to be dropped from low altitude to the ground. The only weapon aboard is a dorsal quad laser/ion turret, which shoot a firelink of ion and laser bolts at rapid pace.

Escort ModificationEdit

These ships are armed with heavy repeating blasters, and an ordance of 2 Homing Missile Launchers carrying around 15-30 Missiles each. They are placed and ordered near Trade Routes, and escort trade ships by any organization. This variant is by far the most common. But this is also the most expensive variant, as it has 25 mm Duranium/Carbide Armor laced with Durasteel. Just one of these cost over 2 million credits. Although its expense it is very useful, even planetary militias see its worth, and spend to buy these. The most common way people obtain this variant is that they trade resources instead of presious credits.


  • This ship is actually a Scurrg H-6 Havoc Bomber the image has been edited from the SWG wiki's images.