Human Centurion, also as Human Superior is the near-human species that is rarely ever seen in the galacxy. Once thought as a subspecies of the human race, genetic evidence show that they are the prime species of the evolution time line and the humans, in fact, are the subspecies of this mighty species. These species are extremely long lived, as a famous example is the Sith Grand Commander in the Imperialism Monarch Empire, Runku Karntara, who has lived from the Pre-Republic Era to the present.

Unlike their ancestors, the human, these being's biology are more toward that of the Gen'Dai. Their body is covered with a skin-like outer tissue that replicates those of the humans. But past that is a different story. Like the Gen'Dai, their body are filled with nerve clusters that allow the Human Centurion to have enhanced senses. They can feel a specific pulse rate from two kilometers away. Their muscular systems are mended into the nerve clusters, thus, allow great strength and are extremely nimble. Their reflexes are faster than even the Force sensitive humans tenfold. Special abilities include regeneration of loose limbs, slow down or speed up bodily functions. The only know weakness among the species is to atomize the body or completely pulverized.

These species grow in a low number among the galaxy as their home system was destroyed by a black hole. These survivors hide among the human's society. The only way to tell the species apart is the muscular form that the males develop, that can be compared with a very fit human. Also, the species oddly do not have gender when born, the difference can be noticed when the species reach five decades old. Puberty of this species took five centuries for the female, and ten centuries for the male. Another unique features about the species is the way after the age of a fifteen decades, the body stops changing, and the female will look like a twenty-five years old human and the males around the age of thirty.