Hydrosmic is a water planet in the Outer Rim where it was encircled by three large moons. Due to multiple gravity pulling on the surface, the water is very choppy as waves can easily go over two hundred meters high. Also a contribution to the high tides is a highly unstable solid plates under the ocean, causing more unstable water surface. Only know intellectual creatures know to date is the Barrika, a fishlike streamline humanoid beings that talk in the simple language of hisses and teeth clicks. The Barrikas dwell in wreakages of crashed starships and escape pods, as they discovered that the ship's alloy hull make a sturdy homes on their continually shifting seabed.

The only piece of solid ground is located on the northern seas and is packed with the top predators of Hydrosmic: the SharNok. These predators are the only mammals in the water world and work in destroyers or packs of around twenty SharNoks. Ten SharNoks travelling together is called a frigate.