Imperialism Monarch Empire
Political Information
Head of State:

Grand Archduke

Commander in Chief:

Warlord Shadon

Judicial Branch:

Imperial Royal Council

Societal information

KoroVan Moon III

Official Language:

Galactic Basic


Imperial DataCred

Religious Body:

Sith, Humanism

National Holiday:

Day of the Dark Sun

Grand Bombardment Cycle

Historical information
Formed from:

4,119 BBY

Date of Reorganization:

4,073 BBY

Date of Fragmentation:

266 BBY

Date of Restoration:

15 BBY


Old Republic Era

Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era

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The Imperialism Monarch Empire is an empire that spans most of the galaxy. They on the Galaxy in the dark blue area. They control parts of the galaxy with an Iron Fist. Their only threat they feel is the Republic Alliance of Regions due to their unpredictablity and ability to influence species, and have recently captured Kuat From them, but later ended up abondoning it so they can control their empire. Their connection with the Revannist Order largely unknown, though multiple clashes was well noted and left many of the Empire's fleet in ruins.

Militrary Units

The IME keep a fairly simple military units consist mostly of mulitpurpose and special reconnaissance units.


This unit is the most essential part of the army. Ruthless and cold blooded, but not to its worst until blood rage kick in.

Serpent Commando

Beautiful, but nontheless deadly. These Serpent Commando are the "glitches" during the production of the Havoctroopers. Their smooth form and smaller body that is extremely flexible allow them to fit in tight spaces and bribe targets.


The bladerunners are a weaker version of the Havoctrooper that incude galactic civilian recruits.


Though not a part of the genetic program of the Serpent Commando and the Havoctroopers, and they are not exactly full suicide "run-the-blade" Galactic civilians of the Bladerunners, instead, the EspionageDelta is a organisation in part of the IME's secret division, the Imperialism Intelligence Command. They are consist of mercenary and bounty hunters who have quit their career and joined the IME army.

Military Designation

Both the Havoctroopers and the Serpent Commandos have a specialised designation instead of names that tell them apart from one another within the armor. It tells the facility they where created, and their numerical designations. But to keep them non-human, the name have to always begin with "Unit."



  • Unit = Defult
  • Gamma = Gamma Facility
  • Hex = Hex sector in Gamma Facility
  • 111 = Unit number 111
  • n = Batch n