Incom QDC-84 SureFire Starfighter
Incom QDC-84 SureFire Starfighter
Production information

Incom Corporation


QDC-84 SureFire




120,990 Credits

Technical specifications

12.1 Meters

Max acceleration:

3,460 G

Max speed (atmosphere):

2,420 Km/h

Engine unit(s):

Incom 3a fission engines (5)

Hyperdrive rating:

Modified: Class 2

Hyperdrive system:

Not equipped but can be installed by modification.

Power plant:

JNN-D2 Fission Reactor (2)


Titanium-reinforced Alusteel alloy


fire-linked heavy laser cannons(4)

Concussion missile launching tube (2, 5 missile per launcher)

Proton torpedo launching tube {1, 4 per launcher}



Cargo capacity:

100 Kg


3 days


Space superiority


Close-air support


The Old Republic Era

Rise of the Empire Era


Republic Alliance of Regions

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The Incom QDC-84 SureFire Starfighter or the SureFire is the main starfighter for the Republic Alliance of Regions. It was the successor of the wildly popular Z-95 Headhunter. Their five engine units was advance for their time and can allow the starfighter to fly at 3,460 G acceleration as oppose to the Z-95's 2,780 G.

First shown as a four engine unit in the Old Republic Era, this soon became the baseline of what will become the Z-95 Headhunter. Soon the Incom Corperation took the schematics from the Subpro foundry in Bryaloth binary star system and significantly tried to improve the productiveness of the unit, but faced a major problem: overheating. Taking a step into the advanced S-foil technology, Incom decide to split the wings into the X configuration. The engine heat reduced significantly until a problem arose with a stunning contrast: the engines are so cool now that fission reactor will refuse to power the system properly. This malfunction has already took lives of ten human test pilots who died from hypothermia as the heating system malfunctioned began spraying the much needed warm air into the void outside, leaving the test pilots unable to speak properly to command and killed them in the process.

Unlike most fission engines which give a reddish/violet glow, the Surefire's five engines give off a blue glow that emit a powerful stream of ionic particles.

This ship was the replacement for the outdated Corellian Engineering Corps T32-Gamma Scorpion Strikefighter.