JSSVT-57 Strike Beacon
Production information

Merr-Sonn Munition


JSSVT-57 Strike Beacon


Specific Energy Trademark Targetting Turret (SETTT)


1,270 Credits

Technical specifications
Munition Type:

Supercharged blaster bolt


Unlimited Shots (High-power output fusion power generator)


2.3 kilometers

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The JSSVT-57 Strike Beacon, also known as Rifle Beacon, is an Specific Energy Trademark Targetting Turret (SETTT) blaster weaponry used by The Order. The turret can be placed on any solid surface from the surface on a planet to the hull of starships. The turrent is fully capable to turn 360 degrees vertically, horizontally, and even diagonally via extremely complicated ball-socket joint configuration, though the lack of extension joints prevent the turret to fire around a corner. Unlike most laser turrets in the galaxy, the Rifle Beacon cannot be manned by a personnel. Instead, the controller stays on the battlefield, while the turret-normally placed on a higher ground-is primed to fire. To fire the weapon, the operator have a specialized blaster rifle that fires harmless laser to the target, which is then pinpointed to the turret's targeting computer. Then the laser fires a powerful laser bolt with the power twice as much as the power emitted from a laser sniper rifle. But like the sniper, however, the bolt do leave a trail in the air for a second before disappearing. Some times these powerful weapon are used for the distraction while the operator does the final killing.