Korribia Nator'dox also known as KorNox or Sith freak, is a Force sensitive being that is created when non-human species interbred with the original Sith species. Though all KorNox looks unique from each other, they all share something in common: razor sharp multi-row teeths, a stiff fin-like headcrest, born with an instictive ability to manipulate the Force, eyes have incredible ability to notice details, and bodily structure more human-like. Most of the KorNox people are born in Korriban.


Most KorNox that decide to stay on Korriban became used like attack beasts.Their Sith masters heartlessly inserted a electrical implant that is alligned to their spine that give the KorNox a powerful shock whenever the controls are pressed. The electrical impulses given by the implant ranges from a minor stun to capable to kill the being, and control the being via muscle impulses, thus creating the "living dead."