Star Wars: Galactic Commands Wiki plan to be an efficient Fan-fiction wiki that allow the anyone to view your imagination. But to do just that, this site need to be in an orderly state. To achieve this condition, users must follow a specific criteria of this Wiki. Any pages that goes against these following format will be editing until it do so. Otherwise, the page will be deleted. Nonetheless, feel free to create pages or simply be a wondering editor and fix grammars and spelling. But make sure you follow all of the rules intended.

Format: Naming PagesEdit

When naming pages, be straightforward and accurate to your subject, for an example, if you want to write about the Wookiee Warriors, do not put in "Wookiees." Though not convenient for some of users, the first letters of title must be capitalized with an exception of supporting words. For an example, if the article about the Battle of Coruscant would be incorrect if the user wrote "battle of coruscant" or "Battle Of Coruscant" at the same time N-1 Naboo Starfighter would be wrong in this wiki if the title states "n-1 naboo starfighter" or "N-1 Naboo starfighter." Any page that does so will result the page getting renamed.

Format: Normal PagesEdit

To write pages about basic information, please follow this format:


Describe you character here.


What is your character's history?

Weapons (Optional)Edit

What specialised weapon do your character have?

Relationships (Optional)Edit

Does your character have a relationship with any other characters? If you have anymore, add if needed.

Trivia (Optional)Edit

For though provoking questions. For example: "Did you know that so-and-so has such-and-such?" And please list them in a bullet list.

Behind the Scenes (Optional)Edit

This is for any factual information about your character that connects to the real world facts.