Revan Reborn
Revan Reborn
Biographical Information

Materialized on Korriban


300 years after the apparent death of the original Darth Revan



Physical Description






Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Form VII

Fighting Style(s):

Double-sided vibroblade staff combat

Chronology & Political Information

Leader of the Revannist Order


Old Republic Era

Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era


Revannist Order

Personal Ship:

The Grand Eclipse

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Approximately three centuries after the apparent death of the original Darth Revan, the consciousness moves through the air. With enough dark side energy, he materialized into a humanoid form.


RR's Lightsaber

Revan Reborn's double bladed lightsaber

His weapon of choice is a double lightsaber with a rare high-density red Illum crystal. Unlike other lightsabers, this one is relatively low power, just bearly over the capabilites of a Jedi training saber, but the power was gained by the Dark Side, which can amplify to the magnitude that one of the blade can actually "break" another blade, or short it out-due by the wave of energy arc slamming to the circuit control.


He is a calculating leader, with an ability to look at the ship and find an accurate strategy the ship is going to take. For this reason, he is also known for his strategies in combat. Using Battle Meditation to help him in combat, he can use it to the point of destroying entire worlds when required.


He gained enough dark side energy from the Temple of the Dark Lords at Korriban, therefore creating a rift in the force, that brought him back. He then rematerialized and a disturbance in the force was felt by a Jedi across the galaxy. He gained his forces and set out to create a military to take the galaxy by force. He failed his first incursion with the current republic. He pulled out to make an example of the fleet and had all his men in the fleet destroyed when they tried to retreat from battle. He went to the planet Tython and wiped out the entire population, for failure to bow down to him. With that said the republic came after him, and he wiped out the entire armada with the force. He crushed them with pure dark side. Five weeks later he arrives to Taris, a place he remebers well, he then used the force to decimate the planet leaving no trace of it. When Jedi Master Arcaos duels him, he choked the jedi master and when he turned the most respected Jedi in all of the galaxy to the Dark Side with a new name. Darth Serax. They together became the most feared force in the galaxy. With an armada of 230 Centurion Cruisers they went throughout the galaxy destroying Republic fleets, especiall Hospital ships. When Darth Serax wanted to be the Dark Lord of the Sith he tried, and failed miserably. The moment he walked behind Lord Revan, He was crushed by the force. Darth Revan then went to the Arcas region where a cult known as Revan was located he went there, and almost destroyed the sect. Feeling betrayed the Sect Revan became the Revannist Order, and started to wipe out planet by planet, till they find the "herectic". After the battle of Concord Dawn, Revan Reborn was killed by the Revannist Fleet, but when the Revannist priest realized his mistake, he used the force to give birth to a new reincarantatio of Revan Reborn, one who was even more evil. The new Revan Reborn wiped out the entire order, leaving no Sith Lord alive, now the Revannist Order is a military sect that wants to pay their penance.

Second LifeEdit

Like the original Revan Reborn, he was formed from Dark Side energy alone. But his powers was increase beyond reality. Upon forming, Lord Sideous suddenly felt an overwhelming surge of power that he cannot identify it before going into a coma.