Revannist Order
Political Information
Head of State:


Commander in Chief:

Executor Malv

Societal information


Official Language:
  • Galactic Basic
  • Ancient Sith
  • Imperial Credit
Religious Body:
  • Sith/Krath
Historical information
Formed from:

2000 BBY

Date of Establishment:

1500 BBY

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The Revannist Order is a near cult paramilitary organization dedicated to bringing the galaxy back to the way Darth Revan would have wanted. They are a four-thousand year old organization that has been in hiding building up its militaries to strike and to conquer. They have had controlling parts in many of the governments, even outside of the knowledge of Palpatine.


In the wake of Revan a rift was created that left the sith in disrepair. Weak apprentices outnumbered masters and destroyed them. Everyone knew then that the sith would vanish into nothing but dark jedi. Five years after his death, this order was created by many weak sith warriors. Almost 20 legions of sith troopers seemed to disappear from any public eye. In truth they joined in the ranks of the Order.

500 years later many people thought a terrorist organization bombed Montellian Serat, and destroyed the entire city, with all 1.2 billion inhabitants, all because they wouldn't bow to the sith diplomat. This was the work of the Order.


Their leader is what you call the Revansi, and he rules with an iron fist. The Revansi must be trained through the Sith Acedemy and must force sensitive. When the ruler dies the Dark Priest consecrates the new Revansi. Revansi means "of Revans loins". Meaning that all the rulers trace their lineage to Darth Revan and his family. Once the ancestry is confirmed he is trained through the Dark Hall, a place where they train only the strongest Sith.

Avance War

The Avance Coalition controlled the regions that the Revannist Order took from them. They were conquered in a matter of days, and the Avance couldn't protect themselves from the Verex, their fear terror weapon. In fact they only surrendered because there were rumors of planet cracking weapons built-into the Verex, as ordered by the Revansi. The propaganda Minister did his job by spreading these lies to the galaxy, and the Revannist Order became feared for what they were about to do, declare war on the Imperialism Monarch Empire. After the battle of Yushan Sector the Avance surrendered as soon as the Dalgro fleet dropped out of hyperspace.

Tythocentric Cult

The Tythocentric cult is a expressed enemy of the Revannist Order. And the Revannist Order retailated against the cult after they attacked a shipyard. The Cult's sects have been on the run within the Revannist Order's borders. However outside of the borders the Cult is still in danger of the Order's wrath for killing 100,000 men in the shipyard attack.