Rohlan Pellaeon
Rohlan Canderous Pellaeon
Biographical Information

Ord Mantell


36 BBY

Physical Description





1.6 meters



Personal Information

Sahl Ono

Preferred Weapon:

Primary: DL-44 heavy blaster pistol

Secondary: Wrist Vibroblade

Back Up: Model Q4 hold-out blaster pistol

Chronology & Political Information

Rise of the Empire

Rebellion Era

New Republic Era

New Jedi Order Era


The Order

Personal Ship:

Storm Sparrow

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"This guy? Give him fifteen minutes and he will slice into Death Star's central computer terminal for you. And into a hallway full of stormtroopers also, may I add."

-Sahl Ono about Rohlan's slicing ability and his sadist side.

Rohlan Canderous Pellaeon was the the well known marksman and the human first mate and second in command of Sahl Ono. Born on Ord Mantell on 36 BBY and thought as a psychopathic human, with an extreme agression toward enemies and willingness to blast it away; any time, any place. This hidden the powerful drive to succeed. At the same time, he was also an expert slicer, with an ability to slice the Death Star's central computer terminal in the matter of fifteen minutes.

Early LifeEdit

Sahl Ono: "Come on! Get. On. The. Transport!"
Rohlan Canderous Pellaeon: "I would rather shove this plasma bolt through that Rodian's guts and watch it burn."
Sahl: "But if you don't rush it, a big plasma bolt will hit your head and I will be smelling you burn along with the fried grass around you."
Rohlan: "Heh, orbital bombardment. Pathetic."
Sahl: "Get. In."
Rohlan: "[...] Point taken."

-An arguement exchange between Sahl Ono and Rohlan upon Imperial bombardment of CorSec prison moon.


  • Did you know that the name was created by combining Rohlan Dyre - a mandalorian deserter - Canderous Ordo - the Mandalore the Preserver - and Gilad Pellaeon -the Imperial Admiral of Chimaera, Imperial II-class star destroyer, that Anakin admired?
  • Did you know that he was inspired by Chewbacca and RC-1207 (Sev) and RC-1140 (Fixer)?