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Runku Karntara
Runku Karntara
Biographical Information

26,493 BBY

Physical Description

Human Centurion




1.75 meters





Personal Information

Imperialism Monarch Empire

Sith Order

Revannist Order


Republic Alliance of Regions

Jedi Order

Tythoncentric Cult

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Jen Tuk'ata (Shadow Sith Hound)

Chronology & Political Information

Grand Commander

Sith Warrior


Old Republic Era

Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era

New Republic Era

Legacy Era


Imperialism Monarch Empire

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Runku Karntara is an old Sith Human Centurion. He weld as special style of lightsaber combat with a double blade in conjunction with a curved blade. Born in 26,493 BBY, within the Pre-Republic Era deep within the Rakatan Infinite Empire. During his nongender age of twenty, he was kidnapped by a Rodian smuggular to be sold in the black market, where Human Centurions slaves fetch extremely high price for their durablilty and the ability to survive brutal pain of the Nerve Whip whereas other species died upon the first contact of the lash.

Runku was sold to a notorious Hutt crimelord named Slakda the Hutt. Through the five years of harshness from being beaten by the Nerve Whip to being inside the stomach of a Rancor for two years, the young being survived. Knowing the limits of pain, he trained his body to resist it. Twenty years later, while attending his master on a trip to Taris on the Hutt's ship, he decide to take his revenge. Once killing the Hutt, he ran to the controls and smashed the hyperdrive calculator, causing it to go scrambled. The ship redirects from its original destination and came out of hyperspace near Korriban star system. Crashing into the dark planet, he crawled out with a major wounds. For shelter, he crawled into a dark cave full of Sith Hounds that he soon bond with. Throughout five centuries with the hounds, he learned dark side powers. Soon he was noticed by a Sith Lord. He was now considered a male. He learned from the Sith as much as he can, from welding double bladed lightsaber to turn Force Lightning into a focused beam as powerful as a modern day turbolaser cannon.

Behind the sceneEdit

  • Anakin Skyobilivator created this character by replacing Darth Maul's head with a Jedi's and install a red lightsaber to his other hand.
  • The second blade was not intended to be curved but the limitations of Paint program make the lightsaber tilt upward, thus, a curved lightsaber.