PrecisionShot pistol
SL-99 PrecisionShot Pistol
Production information

BlasTech Industries


SL Series


Heavy Blaster Pistol


2,500 Credits

Technical specifications



200 shots

Unlimited in self-charging mode


600 meters (optimum range)

2,000 meters (Maximum range)

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The SL-99 PrecisionShot Pistol or simply SL-99, is a heavy blaster pistol used by the EspionageDeltas for all of their missions. The power of the pistol can be used as short range sniper when used by a skilled hand. The scope of the weapon is as powerful as any blaster rifle scope, but the rangefinder and the recognition program is superior. The bolt of this weapon is much faster than a conventional blaster bolt and leave a streak in the air for a second before disappering.


The SL-99 share the remarkable likeness to the DC-15s blaster carbine used by the clone troopers with an exception of a shorter barrel. In replacement of triggers, was a set of pressure plates within the finger guard, leaving the room easy access for the EsDel's gloved fingers. Unusual for a pistol, the SL-99 has an retractable stock. The scope above the blaster is as impressive as any on blaster rifle, but what sets it apart is a rangefinder that led to the thousandth of a centimeter accuracy. The recognition software within the pistol can highlight the target beings, no matter how they disguise themselves or how they aged. This is helped by a wireless DNA scanner as powerful as any advanced medical scanners and multiple spectrum-visual sensors that is viewed from visual to infrared to body radiation.