Sabre-Class Drone
Sabre-Class Drone
Unit Information

The Order


Battle Droids


Mass Produced Enforcers


A cortosis vibroblade attach on each forearm

Leg mounted high-intensity repulsorlift boosters



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The Sabre-Class Drone is a mass produced battle droids used as enforcers in The Order. The units can be dropped from low orbit and have a distinctive reentry heat signature of a meteor or comet to avoid suspicion. Once near the ground, the droids fires a powerful leg-mounted short range repulsorlift burst propel the droid for the arc up to three kilometers at ground level at the stunning rate of over a hundred kilometers per hour before braking to absolute stillness in 0.3 seconds. The range of the repulsorlift is about seventy kilometers. Maximum height of the launch is around five meters from ground level.

The droid, though viewed as weaklings by inexperienced eyes due to its skeletal frame, the reality is the nightmare. The droid's reflex modules was over six times faster than even the Force sensitive humans. This allow the droid to earn the reputation of the killer that can stab twenty stormtroopers in three seconds. The vibroblade on the arm can be pitched from subsonic to hypersonic frequencies. The blades are made from the cortosis alloy that can stop lightsaber blades. The supreme mechanical strength of each of the limb is powerful enough to shove their hands effortlessly through a Trandoshan and the joints attachments are bound together so tightly that even a full grown Wookiee is unable to are the droid apart. The heat absorbing alloy used for the body shell render blaster bolts useless, while laser cannon do have a chance to make a small hole that a blaster an fire through to disable a droid. Ion blasters will only temporarily disable the droid, due to microscopic ion discharge vanes throughout the droid.

Sabre's logic processor is as smart as average human and have the ability to understand over a million forms of communication but only speak up to five thousand of those languages.The internal power cell has the duration of a standard weeks of continuous use. The repulsorlift booster could also be used to pull, powerfully but yet delicately, the droid to the ground. Once this occurred, any objects that rams into the droid will be equivalent to ramming into a solid boulder. At this stance, the droid can literally catch a starfighter in mid-flight over the ground. But this proves to be a problem on fragile surfaces-such as a tether bridge-, as the droid can fall through.