Sahl Ono
Sahl Ono
Biographical Information

Born Trian; Adopted Corellia


39 BBY

Physical Description





2.1 meter




Light blue

Personal Information

Rohlan Canderous Pellaeon

Preferred Weapon:

Primary: DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System (Jammed in sniper mode)

Secondary: S-5 heavy blaster pistol

Chronology & Political Information




Rise of the Empire

Rebellion Era

New Republic Era

New Jedi Order Era



The Order

Personal Ship:

Storm Sparrow

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"Be aware, of the one above you. Betray him and pay him with your life, you will."

-Vull, speaking to the Lord Nartok via the Force

Sahl Ono is one of the best known sharpshooter in the known galaxy. Though born on Trian, his life was fully created in Corellia, where he was adopted by the CorSec chief commanding officer after he was abandoned by his family.


Born in 39 BBY on Trian, but due to his abnormality due to lack of a tail, he was left on the middle of the forest to be food for the predators. But before the fate arrives to the two month old, a veteran Corellian Security Force officer on the part of a recon mission found the "cub" and decided to adopt it. From that moment fourth, the Trianii was trained to the ways of the CorSec. During the breakout of the Clone Wars, his foster-father was killed in action against the Clone Commandos.

With the hatred of clone troopers coursing through his veins, he avenged his father's death by killing the commandos. For the trophy of his victory, he brought the DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System that belonged to the squad's sniper.

After the raise of the new order of the Galactic Empire, Sahl was reassigned back to CorSec guard duty on the hidden prison moon. There he was in charge of keeping an eye out for over one thousand beings, eighty percent of them are high ranking bounty hunters, mercenaries, and other categories that will fetch a high reward for their capture. Each day, Sahl would talk to the prisoners about the secrets of the black market in trade of CorSec version of prisoner hospitality. This earned him the nickname of "Azalus Baatu baatu" Huttese for "Dangerous Brother" knowing the respect that at any time, Sahl could just injure any of them with his bare fist, nonetheless him with his rifle. Things change one day when Subject 0017 was subjected to trial and tossed to the prison. This 1.6 meter tall human called himself "Rohlan Canderous Pellaeon." Reported of psychopath killing spree in Coruscant with the total of fourty-three injured and twenty-five deaths that included five law enforcements officers.

The TrialEdit

"The trail was cold as carbonite itself. The psychopath, Rohlan, was staring at me with his T-visor, as coldly as his voice. His choice of words was...chilling. So when the bombing started, I was so sure I must have been past dead, only to see that I am still staring at the evil eyes through that helmet, and that brought me back to life. Next thing we knew was that we where in a transport. With him beside me."
―Sahl Ono

The trial of the psychopath human, Rohlan, is considered intimidating to many. Instead of the normally off-tune tone of a standard insane Human that have psycho history, the prisoner was covered from head to toe in standard issue Mandalorian battle armor and speaks in an uncomfortable calm tone, and as smooth and cold as a vibroblade is sharp. For a time, he was seemingly staring at Sahl with a sharp glare that cause the Trianii to shudder under his fur. But half way through, the trial was unexpectedly interrupted by a sound of a volley of turbolaser bolts pounding the surface.

Imperial AttackEdit

"TIE fighter? Let me at them! I will make their pilot scream like the starfighter of theirs!"

It turns out to be an attack from an Imperial Star Destroyer, who was discreetly slips into the system to terminate the prisoners. With protective instincts, Sahl pulled Rohlan to cover just as the bolt came crashing nearby. Dragging the prisoner to a prison transport, he noted that the human was fully relaxed with the sight of TIE fighters and the green bolts coming from the Star Destroyer on low orbit.


It was said that during the ambush upon the clones commando squad that killed his father, a blow from Sahl jammed the rifle in sniper mode, and it was proven when a close investigation found that the connection points was fused together when the heat of the barrel touched the privet, forcing the rifle to remain in the long range sniper mode.

When called upon, he also used his S-5 heavy blaster pistol, as a sidearm. The S-5 was bought from a black market and modified to fit his grip. The blaster was heavily modified afterward

Behind the SceneEdit

  • "Sahl Ono" is a reworded version of "Han Solo."