Serpent Commando
Serpent Commando
Unit Information

Imperialism Monarch Empire



Sabotage Unit


Beauty of Death

Charming Assasin


MM6-G12 Sniper Rifle

SureGrip Blaster Pistol

MC-94 Disruptor Pistol

Thermal Sparker

Y2-UV Toxic Dart

KT9 Jamming Projector

Cybernetic Cranial Targeting Implant

771 Wrist Comlink

NV-16 Portable Shield Emitter

E11-22c Medpack

Universal DataKey

Holo Duplicator

XX-92 Disintegration-Class Suicide Injector

Notable commanders:


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Serpent Commando also known Beauty of Death, or even Charming Assasin is female agent for the Imperialism Monarch Empire. They are a "glitch" during the production of the Havoctrooper. Like their male counterparts, they are sleek fighting machines, but do not have blood rage that keep them superior fighters. Most of the females that come out is surprisingly attractive, and perfect as an agent. Often disguised as a normal civilian, the agent try to get the male target's attention. Once fell into the love trap, he will be bribed to tell the information. But these cunning soldiers are also capable of cold and heartless assassinations.