Shock Blaster
Production information

Merr-Sonn/BlasTech Munitions


Blaster Pistol


984 Credits

Technical specifications
Munition Type:

Compressed Sonic Shockwave


8 shots


100 meter

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Shock Blaster also known as S-Blaster or even mistakenly called Strike Blaster is a weapon created by the Republic Alliance of Regions and popularized by The Order. Unlike a conventional blaster that fires superheated plasma bolts, the Shock Blaster fires a thin "bolt" of sonic shockwave due to the vibration overfocused in the short barrel. An impact by the shockwave bolts will be a certain death for any living organics, even if it misses the vital organs. The power of impact will contain enough force to cause a noticeable dent on Mandalorian iron. If used under the situation of being submerged underwater, the power increase exponentially tenfold over more distance it travels and the speed of the bolt increases dynamically. Underwater, the range of the weapon increase to 700 meters. But on land and water alike, even if the bolt misses, and the bolt is close enough to the body, the sonic vibrations is enough to rupture the organs inside or in the case of machinery, disrupt the circuit.

These highly unconventional weapons are used in the Republic Alliance of Regions' high security prison facilities. Majority of these weapons are stolen by mercenary hired aligned to The Order upon shipments. In the hand of The Order, the S-Blaster caused uncountable number of deaths. During the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic issued that the weapon to be banned.

The only known defense against the weapon is to use use an extremely powerful vibration generator and aim the vibration directly to the bolt. This will counter-focus the bolt to equilibrium, thus, neutralizing it. If the vibration is not enough, the feedback given off from the bolt will be enough to literally break objects surrounding it to subatomic levels.