NOTE: This isn't the Death Star, so don't try to blow up the core. If you do, the superlaser will shoot and you will most definitely loose.

 Who do you choose? 

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This is the core page of this wiki, where we join together and make a wonderful story in a book-like fashion! So before you begin, make sure you look in the grammar rules page, and at the rules about the format your writing in these pages. Other than that have fun and bring out your imagination, or just sit there and enjoy the vivid tale throughout the Galaxy!

 Note To Writers 

Hello, fellow Authors, this is Grand Moff Skyobilivator speaking to you in person. Just to let you know what "volume" we are currently working on, please lookout for this clone that will be hovering over the link to the volume we are on. Thank you for your cooperation, Troopers. Now go back and unleash your full potential



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