Storm Sparrow
Storm Sparrow
Production information




Technical specifications

16 meters


Custom fitted modified wing modeled after X-wing

Ventral/dorsal quad laser turret

Shortened wingspan

Max acceleration:

2,735 G

Max speed (atmosphere):

1,115 km/h (higher speed with shield activated)

Engine unit(s):

modified Koensayr R200 ion jet engines (2)

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 1


Refitted carbon-fiber reinforced durasteel

Navigation system:

Hardwired multi-processor astromech unit (with R2 unit dome)


Thrust vector maneuverability flaps

Rapid hyperdrive calculator


Taim & Bak KX5 laser cannon (2)

Taim & Bak KX27 laser cannon (4)

Modified power feed Corellian Engineering Corporation AG-2G quad laser cannons (2)

Arakyd Flex Tube proton torpedo launchers (2, 4 torpedoes each)


Pilot (1)

Gunner (1)

Minimum crew:



1 week

Known owner(s):

Sahl Ono

Known crewmembers:

Rohlan Canderous Pellaeon (Gunner)


Rebellion Era

New Republic Era


The Order

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The Storm Sparrow was a heavily modified double seated BTL Y-wing starfighter that belonged to Sahl Ono. Its life started out as one of many good conditioned Y-wing that found its way to smugglers' dens in the Outer Rim. Though it was battered with uncountable amount of blast marks and dents, the ship was as functional as it was five years ago. The only damage was the crippled ion cannon cannons and a minor fuel leakage.

Sahl Ono

Sahl Ono

With the well set price of 59,050 credits, the old starfighter, originally called Mynock's Vomit, was bought by the Ex-CorSec mercenary Trianii, Sahl Ono. With the new owner, the starship, now renamed to Storm Sparrow, recieved extensive modifications, from replaced circuitry to fully operational S-foils modeled after the X-wing to the dorsal and ventral quad laser cannons that replaced the dorsal ion cannon. Within the sublight nozzle, the custom fitted thrust vector flap aids maneuverability, while each quad laser turret can blast a TIE bomber to nebula gas in a two seconds high intensity burst. The four Taim & Bak KX27 laser cannons on each of the S-foil's wingtip are identical to the X-wing's Taim & Bak KX9 laser cannons with the exception of the scale, with the KX27 larger than its KX9 counterparts. Also, due to its larger size, the KX27 has significantly more firepower, able to blast through standard starfighter shield after five second of prolonged barrage.

Inside the hulls, lay a high quality ion neutralizer that allow the ship to receive a near direct hit from a class one ion cannon. magnetic landing gear allow the ship to stick to the hull of other ships. Shortened wingspan allow closer fuel circulation and prevent overheating of the S-foils. The two quad laser could ether be controlled by the pilot or the gunner, which is seated behind the pilot. The ship also contains touch interface hologram projectors that replaces the missing controls of the Y-wing and the additional systems.