The king has spoken

The Frost King
Biographical Information

Materialized on Korriban


300 years after the apparent death of the creator of the Celestials



Physical Description

Child of force





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Prolly Dark blue

Lightsaber Form(s):

Form VII

Fighting Style(s):

Introverted Stabber's drunken style

    • Sharp Slashes and stabs fused with multiple spells and force abilities along with thrusts and pulls along with multiple strokes of his tale and hand saber.
      • Unpredictable heavy style with multiple explosions and jumps(in ogre like form)
Chronology & Political Information

Withholder of The balance of Frost



    • Vaaaaaaaaaaaaast-er
      • Vaaaaaaaaaaaaast-est
        • Current era

The Grand Table Alliance(formerly)

    • Himself
Personal Ship:

The Golden Eclipse

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"''Mere speech may not sway me; thee art not going to use le mundane tactics to break me for me' the king has spoken; SILENCE!''"
King Frost to 5 master jedis who have come to capture the king

King frost is the "creator" of the cold force. He has been stated several times to be grandmaster of innovations. He has never been swayed to the dark or light side nor the "grey in between".

Instead he innovated it and made a totally new way of force, the way of the frostbite. In which the person is more of those who have an introverted fighting style. What it is meant is to be more defensive and key force do more. Actions do speak louder than words. He also uses Ice Cutters hidden in his arm which are deployed like light sabers, through the blue patch on the forearm. It materializes a blade; though it may materialize a blade connected to his arm.

His tail is used a lot and the shatter blast is a blast of force which instantly freezes and then may proceed to shatter. He also is a master of bio-cybernetic lasers from the eyes which time to time have been showed to create whole explosions while on the other hand using all those dark blue patches which emit the force-they release a tremendous amount of force- he creates a hard exo skeleton on which a water a nice aqua troll like structure guards them, with red ornaments and piercings. It is made purely of force which is transformed into water and ice, yet it is very strong and can combust or explode.