The Order
Political Information
Head of State:

Lord Nartok

Commander in Chief:

Head Chief Griped

Societal information

Nal Hutta and other various regions

Official Language:

Multiple languages, mostly Huttnese and Galactic Basic


Universal Credits

Religious Body:

Humanist, Chisslim, and many others.

Historical information
Date of Establishment:



Old Republic Era

Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era

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The Order is a bounty hunter group of broken off of the the Salvage Fangs of Korriban, a cold hearted group of Sith-decent mercenaries.



The Order was orginally a Bounty Hunter group, that has declared themselves fighter for anyone. However they were part of the Salvage Fangs of Korriban. They left and became a secret society minly an oligarchy, a rule by 5. But that failed in ruling.


The great Owar that the order was involved in was a fight between the Order and their former members Salvage Fangs. The Order came out victorious, but most of their systems were left abondoned, and settled in a secret location. They built Asteroid bases all over the galaxy to hide from the Imperialism Monarch Empire, however when intelligence operatives infilitrated the Order, they came and destroyed some of the bases.