This page list the eras given by canon source. The book will start in this particular order until the end of Legacy Era is canonically announced. When it does, we will make our own era. At the moment, we don't have to worry.

Pre-Republic Era ( - 25,053 BBY)Edit

The book do not start here, but can be referred to legends of the past.

Old Republic Era (25,053 - 1,000 BBY)Edit

The books will start here.

Rise of the Empire Era (1,000 – 0 BBY)Edit

Rebellion Era (0 – 5 ABY)Edit

New Republic Era (5 – 25 ABY)Edit

New Jedi Order Era (25 – 40 ABY)Edit

Legacy Era (40 ABY - )Edit

Relatively new era, no ending yet.