Biographical Information



Not recorded, though believe to be 24,953 BBY


23,987 BBY

Physical Description





0.65 meters


16.6 kilograms






Leg strength enhancement (around at the age of 750)

Personal Information

Imperialism Monarch Empire

Sith Order


Tythoncentric Cult

Jedi Order

Republic Alliance of Regions

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Modified version Form IV Ataru for Sith purposes

Chronology & Political Information

Sith Master

Dark Lord

"Jedi Killer"


Old Republic Era

Rise of the Empire Era


Sith Order

Imperialism Monarch Empire

Known masters:


Known apprentices:

Multiple, mostly Human and Chiss.

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"Nine hundred million? Just nine hundred million? All that I have done, put a nine hundred million credit on my head, would they? Truly, disapponted, I am."

-Vull after the Mass Assasination of Younglings in 24,572 BBY.

'Vull, later known as Darth Falco, was a small Force sensitive green humanoid species. His ways with the Force is unmatched at the time, ability from crushing planets to rubbles by Force Crush in a slightest twitch of his fingers, or use his special telepatic ability to navigate through hyperspace without addional navicomputer.


Beleved to be born around 24,953 BBY, Vull was found on an ancient freighter leaving Star Forge. The freighter held a squad of undercover Jedi agents. Upon landing, the pilot found a "small critter" in the cargo hold between the ammunition boxes. As he was about to kick Vull out of the ship, a young Jedi Master Koth Linar, who was also aboard at the time as a "Captain", realizes that the creature is very much sentient and Force sensitive. Vull was taken to Jedi Council for approval. The council was hesitated to accept the "disgraceful creature." As a result, Linar took care of Vull in the secret of the High Council by stealing Holocrons.

Fourty years later, the Council found out an was not pleased. They decide to exile Linar and Vull into the dark jungle planet of Torrita XII. There, they hid among the refugee Wookiees that have crashed there for the past five centuries. Most have grown into deadly beasts and no longer considered sentient, but, nonetheless, social creatures.

As if written on a prophecy, Trandoshan Slaver Guide barge soon arrived and tried to capture the Wookiees. In the attempt to protect their friends, Linar interfered and got killed in the process. Vull, outrage from the sudden cut from the long lasting bond with his Master, ignite all of the skills he has learned against the slavers. With his ability to excel in the Form IV, Ataru, he incorporated extremely powerful kinetic strikes upon each blow. And with each stroke and the nerve wrenching screams of the Trandoshan, Vull slowly sinks into the Dark Side. When he ask the last Trandoshan who sent them, the slaver said it was from a Jedi. Though, a small answer, it was enough, Vull cold heartedly killed him, little did he know this Jedi was controled by a Dark Side spirit that belonged to the future Darth Revan.

In 24,572 BBY Vull secretly entered into a Jedi sleeping quaters and kill a total of five thousand younglings and padawans. Only five Jedi Knights was killed, as they where unaware of the danger lurking in the dept of the shadows. This was know as the Mass Assasination of Youngling. After the killing is done, Vull purposely recorded himself. Soon news spread across the galaxy and reached the Galactic Council. Putting a fine of nine hundred million credits for his head, bounty hunters from all over the galaxy began looking at all corners of the planet they where on. But to the surprises of many, Vull treated the price as a piece of a smelted machinery on its way to Raxus Prime.


In 23,987 BBY Darth Falco was upon a trip to Taris via depomatic vessel when they was captured by Republic Cruiser, inside was several RAR milita formations. Though the Sith Lord fought hard with his muscle pulsing through him, his aging body of over nine centuries was weakening him significantly. Soon, the sound of blaster fire has stopped as the Havoctrooper fell with the ear-piercing ring as the metal armor hit the duracrete floor. Vull was surounded by Jedis, lightsabers ignited in blazing colors. Too weak to even hold his lightsaber properly, he dropped the elegant weapon and drew his Cortosis switchblade. Then more Jedi appered and the odds was against him. One of the Jedi lashed out his lightsaber, aiming at Vull's head, with a blinding flash, Vull disappered and his armor clattered on the floor.

Suddenly, the Republic Cruiser began to malfunction, as if it was on virus. The ship plunged into the nearby star. Some beleved that when Vull became one with the Force, he controlled the ship, others beleved it was just a navicomputer glitch. But there are instances where a powerful Sith Masters and Lords alike hear a dark voice that speak in riddles.


"Master Yoda seemed to have a...darker side. He speaks though the Force as if it was from the void within the darkest part of the black hole...cursing those who are among us." -Qui-Gon Jinn

An Era later, several Jedi within the Galaxy heard a message from Vull, though most beleved it was Master Yoda of the Jedi Council, who was the same species and use the same speech pattern as Vull. Those who heard the gloomy voice by the Force left the Jedi Order. These incuded the Lost Twenty such as Count Dooku. Others swayed their belefs about what it really mean to be a part of a Jedi Order. Such people incuded Qui-Gon Jinn, and Anakin Skywalker as the voice of Vull spoke to him when the young Jedi was talking to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine in the